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Distributor Data Solutions (DDS) was started by Dale P. Holt, founder and owner of Codale Electric Supply, Inc. for 38 years. After recognizing the incredible need for enhanced e-commerce data in the Electrical Distribution industry, Dale set out to change the industry and deliver a revolutionary set of products designed to improve distributors’ e-commerce presence and leverage technology to increase productivity.

The Electrical Distribution industry as a whole is behind the technology curve when it comes to e-commerce. There are two main reasons for this: first is the lack of quality, robust, searchable data; and second is the inadequacy of distributor web sites for handling e-commerce. The majority of the Top 200 Electrical Distributors have poor data for e-commerce and relatively few items.

The B2B world is changing for Electrical Distributors. This change is being driven by a customer base that is demanding a more productive and technology-driven way of transacting business, as well as by the threat of large, online distribution sources (Amazon, Alibaba, Grainger, and others).

In order to protect, maintain and grow their business, Electrical Distributors are going to have to up their game when it comes to their ability to facilitate e-commerce. This is where DDS comes in. Our comprehensive, quality e-commerce product data allows distributors to display the most complete e-commerce product content on their websites to a world-wide audience. We also offer productivity tools to help companies become more efficient by automating many day-to-day data-related tasks. These tools will also enhance the image a company portrays in the marketplace.

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On the other side of the equation, Manufacturers in the Electrical Distribution industry are looking for continuity of message. They have spent significant time and resources developing their digital content only to have it poorly displayed on their channel partners’ websites with little content and no consistency.

The DDS solution addresses all of these issues and more. DDS offers full digital content of Manufacturers’ product data—the way it was intended it to be displayed—and it is completely searchable. Manufacturers can finally have the consistency of message they have been seeking, and the Electrical Distributors can have a professional, functional digital presence for their customers and sales people.

Our content is the most complete available. We have more than 180 product lines, 1.3 million items and 30 million attributes—and growing daily. Our platform is fast, scalable, redundant and reliable.

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Our Team

DDS’s growing team is built to scale along with the growing demand for our e-commerce data-driven products. As a privately owned, founder-led company, we are able to innovate and create products around our customers’ needs without anything getting in our way. We invest in engineering, customer support, infrastructure, research and great ideas. Because we are from the Electrical Distribution industry, we know the needs of Electrical Distributors.